Bible Institute Ministries

      North Carolina Theological Seminary NCTS is a globally accredited Bible Seminary where students are trained and equipped for Kingdom purpose.

      Biblical teaching is at the heart of SAC Ministries. For true growth and success to take place, people must be established on a firm biblical foundation. Through NCTS, Vijayawada, A.P., India, we give the students the necessary tools to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These ministers become church planters and establish doctrinally sound churches to grow, and strengthen the local Body of Christ.

    The impact these native ministers have in local communities is significant. People see the changes Jesus brought to their fellow countryman’s lives and realize what’s possible for them. Many people are skeptical of foreign missionaries, but readily accept their own countryman’s testimony.     

    These native ministers work as pastors, church planters or evangelists, in association with SAC Ministries, and are busy. They share the Gospel from village to village; healing the sick, encouraging the weak and discouraged, and providing for the poor, and teaching the Gospel.

    Ministers who desire to plant a church to pastor must first evangelize in the village, and are not supported by a local church. As a result, they struggle to provide an income for their family. Your generosity helps the pastors provide for their families and grow the church. Please sponsor a Pastor and his family for $50 per month; $600/year.