Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Supreme God sent his begotten son Jesus Christ into the world to save Sinners. Christ shed HIS blood on the cross and completed the task of priceless redemption. It is the plan of God that every human being should believe in HIM and come to everlasting life. He is the God who saved us from the rotten sinful lives and it is certainly our mission is to proclaim this message and get 100,000 souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Aims and Activities

1. To proclaim gospel of Christ an to plant Churches. We see many souls

joining the churches and our churches are packed with people who are

blessed with Sion Assembly Church Ministries. We are praying to have the

resources to meet every need.

2. To proclaim evangelism centered activities and other common church


3. To conduct crusades, revival meetings, seminars, outreach camps, youth

retreats and vacation bible school etc.

4. To promote charitable works for the poor and needy irrespective of caste,

religion and language.

5. To Provide food, clothing and education to orphans, Widows, destitute,

neglected children and old people.

6. To undertake relief and rehabilitation programs for the benefit of families

affected by natural calamities and fire accidents etc.

7. To construct Hospitals and schools, Bible College, churches etc find

provide education, medical and spiritual support to rural and urban people

8. To establish permanent rehabilitation centers for looking after aged men

and women

9. To establish sewing centers for training girls and women to help them

become productive and well-rounded members of our community

10. To publish and distribute Christian literature to foster physical mental

and spiritual well being.

11. To establish literacy centers, study centers and libraries for enlightens of

rural people.

12. To proclaim Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through Television.