What We Provide

A Home

SAC provides a living space for children who have no home or are unable to live with their parents. The facility is complete with separate boy and girl’s quarters and can house up to 100 children.

Medical Attention

Children who reside within the SAC orphanage are able to receive medical attention they need on a regular basis. With adults who care for them when sickness comes, the children are able to get to the doctor, be monitored and attend a hospital when necessary in order to be restored to full health and experience a beautiful life.

An Education

SAC believes in education and provides the children with what they need to attend the local school. With a place to call “home” the children are able to focus on their schoolwork and continue in fulfilling their educational requirements and becoming all that God has intended them to be.

The Word

SAC provides a place where these children can learn about God and grow in His Love. The children are part of weekly worship services and are able to experience the depths of Bible lessons regularly.

A Family

SAC Ministries provides a family for these children who are estranged from their parents. From church members to pastors and other missionaries, the children are surrounded by loving adults who can raise and nurture them in the love of God.

Daily Meals

The children of SAC receive three full, healthy meals each day. With good and healthy food, the children are more able to fight off disease, continue their education and serve the Lord.

How Can You Help?

Support The Cause!

You can bless these kids in any number of ways!

• They could use your prayers (some of the children have been brought to the orphanage due to dangerous living conditions)

• You could bless them financially/sponsor a child (there's no "Administration Fees", everything SAC receives for the orphanage, goes to the orphanage)

• Let your friends know! If you know someone without a heart for orphans or India, let them know!

• You could visit! They LOVE visitors, and would thoroughly enjoy the meeting you!

Orphans of India


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Nagur Valli

Uday Kumar


Parter With Us



Please continue to pray for our ministry, that God would use us to impact India and the world.

Lift Us Up


Spread Awareness

SAC Ministries is a Nonprofit Organization, so we rely on donations from Individuals and Churches. Please share our ministry with your friends and family; each person that knows could translate to another home for an orphan.

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Come Visit

SAC Ministries is located in Vijayawada, India and we would love to have you come visit the orphanage as well as our church!

Whatever gifts & abilities you may have, we would love to serve along side of you while you are here.

Vijayawada, India